Update: MarketsFlow Inc. filed in the state of Massachusetts, FCA Update!

I would like to share some further good news. Yesterday, we filed MarketsFlow Inc. in the state of Massachusetts with our following office address:

One International Place
Suite 1400
Boston, MA 02110

We have also had a very promising update from FCA that a Case worked will be dedicated to MarketsFlow’s advisory application by Monday 22nd of Jan.

Further to that, we have had a very promising conversation with DIFC on Tuesday. We continue to engage with the senior management of DIFC, to seek out a potential opportunity. They fully realise the value MarketsFlow has to deliver in shaping investment management in the Middle East. Please note that this is not a priority for MarketsFlow, but we will continue to be open for discussions.

We look forward to welcoming you officially as shareholders in MarketsFlow Ltd.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

Tom Nash
CEO, MarketsFlow

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